Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Pool is open YEAH!!!! and I am 4 pounds from my goal!

Latley I have been feeling soooo fat, and not happy with myself at all.  I dont know why,,, just not happy with how anything is going..I have been too sick to go to the gym, and to scared to step on the scale, and not real happy about anything in general...Well, Today Becca woke me up with.."Want to go to the gym with me!"  I really cant resist that beautiful face.  I was still have asleep and said, "Uggg"  Which she took to meen "Yes!" because she said, "Good leaving in ten minutes!"  I pulled myself out of bed, through some clothes on and plopped myself down at the table.  She looked at me and said, "Are you ok?  You look horrible!"  to which I said "Uggg!"  We ate breakfast and she announced that we were not taking the car...but riding our bikes to the gym!  Guess what I said!   "Uggg!"  I got on my bike, still half awake and started to peddle...I love bike riding almost as much as I love swimming...It makes me feel like I can fly! I have not ridden to much in the past few years and we just got a new bike...so it woke me up, and I actually thought becca was riding much to slow for me.  When I got to the gym and changed Becca looked at me and said, "You look really good today mom!"  She also told me that while she was talking to freinds of ours from Virginia that they wanted her to wake me up at midnight to give me a hug and tell me I look amazing, and that they are sooo proud of me! With that I headed to the scales....  As I told you earlier, I really have been avoiding the scales,  I thought I had gone up to 220....some of my clothes were tight on me, and I was sure that I had gained a ton of weight,,,but I am a creature of habbit, so I stepped on the scale.  I was shocked to see that I was at 204...in the afternoon, at the gym...this is the lowest I have ever been at the gym!  I was soo shocked!  Then I started my routine.  It was hard at first, because I have not been there in at least a week, but I was able to do everything with three reps of fifteen, not ten...not to say, that I was not sweating like crazy ( I usually do not sweat!)  but I finished everything.  I then told Becca that I wanted to take the lead on the bike because she goes to slow!  I peddled my heart out and loved every minute of it.  I must say I got to the house quite a while before she got there!  We  had about a half an hour break and then I had to take becca to work(she is a life guard at the community pool.  I knew I had to swim...so I packed my bag and headed to the pool.  As I got there everyone said,  "It's freezing!"  So I sat and sunbathed for about half an hour...then I knew I had to get in...As I jumped in it really was freezing at first.  I looked at Becca (who had told me it was warm) and said, "you lied to me,,,it is freezing!"  But then I started to swim...It is magic when I start swimming.  I feel like I am lighter than air...Like I can do anything! I Kept swimming and swimming and swimming....and loveing every moment.  I polished off my 100 laps in 40 min!  It felt so good.  I feel soo good.  I just pray that I can continue with this.  It would be awesome if I could work out and swim every day.  I only need four pound until I can reach my goal...I would love to do it before July 17th when Fawn comes to visit!  I will let you know how I do!

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