Saturday, June 18, 2011

I am not a paper boy!!!

Paper Boy Clip Art

Last night my son called at 1am and told me he was not going to make it home to do papers...so Rachael and I were up, and had just finished a movie so I said we would do it.  I woke Dave up and told him what Brandon said and said, "We are up, you have help,,, why don't we just go now!"  Let me tell you it is a whole new world out there at 1am...the bars are going full swing, the animals are running all over...and it was dark and foggy...spooky kind of night!  It made me appreciate what my husband does so much more...As I ran from house to house with my daughter and husband I realized how truly blessed I am to have the family that I do.  For them to be willing to do this in the middle of the night, just to make sure our bills are paid is amazing... It is getting my son in shape.  He does not just walk up to the houses like Dave and I do, he sprints from house to house...in the dark.  The animals do not scare him...he loves chasing them and scaring them.... I went to Wal-Mart and got him a pair of shorts...his are literally falling off from him, and the 42 are a little big on him. He is down below 250 and looks awesome.  I am just so proud of the family that God has blessed me with...My heart is filled with love and gratitude for all that they do to make my life easier. I did realize that I can do anything I need to do...whether it is wearing a clown hat, a speaker hat, a baker hat (when someone needs donations for bake sales), a teacher hat (when I teach my awesome middle scholars), a mom hat, and yes, even a paper boys hat...when the need arises I can step up to the plate and be that too...God gives us the strength to do anything we need to do...

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