Thursday, March 8, 2012

A family that can laugh together is priceless!

After a year and a half we have kept off most of the weight..we have both gained about 15 from our lowest and are working on getting that back off!  We have still lost 176 pound between the two of us! I am still wearing size 14-16 (from sze 24-26)and Dave is still in size 38 yeans and large shirts (from size 46 - 3X)

Did you ever find a sale that you could not refuse! I did today when Dave and I were at the Niagra Falls outlet Mall. I saw these footie pajamas that were Sooo soft and comfy looking... for only $5 They were Neon yellow with spots, stripes and plaids...I was sure that they were floress under black lights! So I thought I would get three pairs and the girls and I could put them on with the black hoods, wigs and sun glasses that glow in the dark and orange neon gloves. We could come up with some cool motions and Dance to the music.. we would glow in the dark and it would be the coolest thing and everyone would love it...It would be a great addition to our black light puppet show..
As I was looking at them I thought..."The girls will love these...I will get them each a pair to wear around the house!"  Rachael I found a pink with black zebra stripes and Becca I found a terquoise plaid ones.    I was so excited about them that I took a picture of all the patterns in the bag and sent it to them and told them I got them a surprise and they had to guess what I got them...that they would love it! Never in their wildest dreams did they ever guess that I got them floresant green and pink and yellow footie PJs! When I got home I ran into the bathroom told Rachael to close her eyes and came out in my own wonderful Neon Yellow polka dot footie pajamas! She was not impressed! Then when I showed her hers...she was less impressed. I finally talked her into putting hers on and running down to Brandon's room where Becca and Brandon were watching a movie...they laughed at us! When I showed Becca her green plaid ones that I had picked out special for her.. she did not want to put them on...I was just so excited...that they both came upstairs...I told Brandon he could wear the yellow polkadot ones and Dad could wear the other ones and we could have a slumber party!! I was dancing around in my footie pjs acting like it was the best thing in the world....Brandon said "If you can get dad to put them on...that is the only way I am going to put them on...:".he knew that dad would never put on neon yellow plaid footie pajamas! BUT my luaghter and fun was contagious...so dad said..."I will do it if you will"...thinking Brandon would never put them on...Well I talked them all into putting them on...Dads was a litle small...and Branodn thought his was a little girly (he used much more expressive words that i cant put in my blog!!!) But my whole family...out of their love for me...and my excitement over these silly pjs...put them on...I danced with them around the living room jumping up and down like a little girl! We laughed like we have not laughed in years...and we forgot about what others would think of us...and just acted like chldren for those few short minutes (believe me they were short...as soon as they could they said..."can we take these off now!" ) It was a memory that they will always remember...maybe they will think..."Mom is crazy!" or maybe they will think..."Remember when we all put on those footie pajamas just for mom...that was fun! She sure new how to make us laugh and enjoy ourself!"
We need more days like that...where we act out ot the ordinary...and step out of our box...and be ourself for just a few minutes...they say laughter is one of the greatest healers...I believe it...I feel better then I have in a long time....all because for a few minutes we forgot who we were supposed to be and just had fun...
By the way I could have put pictures of all of us in them...but my lovely children deleated all but the one of me and of Dave and I...I wonder why?!!! .....
I am not sure how to turn this so you will just have to turn your neck to the side for a minute! BUT it is soo worth it! I have been wearing these all night...and I am sooo comfy!


  1. Loved it, loved it, loved it, loved it!!!!! And you're right, some of our best memories involve laughing and being downright silly. Thanks for the wonderful post.

  2. this made me smile : ) way to go my auntie and uncle!!!