Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Back on Track....

Christmas was such a crazy time..we just forgot all that we learned and went crazy. We went out to eat and ate whatever we wanted, we did not have time to go to the gym...and we went back to our old life style.  I could tell I was gaining weight when my favorite jeans just did not want to go on.  I noticed Dave suddenly could not find anything to wear...and I knew we had a problem... a BIG problem.  I talked to Fawn yesturday and told her that we were gaining weight...I asked my family to pray about it with me...and Dave and I decided we had to get going again.  Yesturday I got out my meal plans and sat down and looked at them. I remembered how much we loved them...We did great all day yesturday. This morning the girls and i got up at 5 and headed to the gym.  The first thing I did was head to the scale.  I was 214!!! I had gained 17 pounds since my lowest time.  I felt so sick to my stomach.  As I stepped off I realized I have to get back on track. Dave and I have come too far to gain it all back.  I never wanted to go above 200 and now I am above 210...I could not believe it.  As I did my exercise I was waiting for my last exercise...my prayer chair...I sat in that chair and pored my heart out to the Lord.  I prayed for each member of my family, and prayed that Dave and I could get back to the gym and eating right...Please join us in prayer that we can start again...get back to where we were and start loosing again. I know we can do it, and i know it is not too late, if we start now and continue...You have been there with me for this far...please be their in prayer support for the rest of the journey. I will now try to be more accountable, and let you know how we are doing.  Love you guys!


  1. Yes, you CAN and you WILL lose that surplus--and you'll keep at it. You know that scripture that talks about being surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses? Not sure what all that means, but perhaps your mom is included in that and is cheering you on. I love you Kathleen. You can be accountable to me and many others who are cheering you on as well.

  2. Just a reminder of what a Godly motivated skinny woman sai on Nov. 7, 2011
    "So my challenge to you is...Take immediate steps to accomplish your goals. IF you have gotten sidetracked on your journey...get back up, wipe off the past, and start fresh today! You can do it. Dont be descouraged if you have gained your weight back...It will come off easier now...your body wants to be down to what it was before. My friends...You can do it. You just need to go back to the beginning when you started and start telling yourself exactly what you are doing for the day! Get a winners image..because you are a winner! You can succeed. I believe in you...so now you start believing in yourself and make it happen! "

  3. you know you can ... take a blue dress and hang it on the wall ... a reminder of what was and is to be.