Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We could realy use your help right now!!!

For the first time in forever I have to say that Dave and I have both had a weight gain...(probably all those lara bars and cliff bars!!)  All kidding aside.... we need your help.  I vowed I never wanted to get above 200 pounds...this morning I was 200.8(a 4 pound gain)...Dave was 262 (a 12 pound gain) and the hardest thing about it is we just dont know how to get back on track.  I know I have been swiming, but that is it.  The gym seems so forign to me and Dave right now.  Our membership expired and we just dont have the money to renew it right now... Our eating has gotten all mixed up...and we just can not seem to get back on track.  We are asking for your prayer support....we have come to far to let this happen.  We do not want to gain any weight back,,,,we are not done loosing.  Please come beside us in prayer. Here are our prayer requests
1. that God would bless our magic business enough that Dave can quit delivering papers.
2. That God would provide the money we need for our membership dues at Springcreek athletic club
3. That if it is God's will He will provide a way for us to make it to magic conference in NYC and that  it would provide the jumpstart we need to launch our carreer into next stage.
4.  That our children would seek God's will for their life and not get mixed up in the world
5. That we can get motivated to get back on track in loosing weight
6. That God would heal Dave's shoulder and deliver him from the pain he is in
7. That God will keep our cars running and/or provide us with a car that is dependable
8. That Becca will have direction and money for college.(she wants to go to Liberty in VA)
9. That we would find a church that we can open up and minister in
10. That God would bless our marriage and bring back the closness we had when we started this journey a year ago
11. That God would become real in each of my families lives.
12. That the others on our "Life style change" journey will get back up and continue on
13. That God will bless Fawn (our lifestyle coach) in a special way this month
I know it seems like a lot we are asking...but we have served God faithfully our whole life.  We want to continue to do so...we can not do that when we are physically, emotionally and spiritually drained.
I am laying my heart out here because I know you care.  You have faithfully been there with us for the last year...I believe in the power of prayer...I know if we all come together,,,things will happen....right now we are to tired to keep going....please join  us in prayer for these  requests and we will let you know what happens...we will expect BIG things!
Love you all...thanks for all your love and support over this past year...

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